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We are excited to host this people group from Burma
who are making a new life in the United States.

Chair: Grace Cici
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Piedmont Park Karen Sabbath School

Class teacher: Grace Cici

Class time: Saturday at 9:30am

Class location: room behind the organ in the church sanctuary

Copies of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide are provided in Sgaw Karen

Download the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide in Sgaw Karen, Pwo Karen or Burmese here.
Sgaw Karen Sabbath School Lesson
Karen Sabbath School lesson Podcast from Adventist World Radio
Pwo Karen Sabbath School Lesson
Burmese Sabbath School Lesson
Burmese Sabbath School Lesson Podcast from Adventist World Radio


Sabbath School Bible Study Guides in English for children, youth and adults are available here.


Financially Support This Ministry
If you would like to help support this ministry, please mark your gift "Karen Ministry" or click on the ONLINE GIVING link at the top of the Piedmont Park website.


Bible Study Resources
Burmese Discover Bible Guides
Thai Discover Bible Guides

Sabbath DVD (in Karen), by Pastor Jimmy Shwe

Part 1: Sabbath--From Creation 
Part 2: Sabbath--During the Time of Israel 
Part 3: Sabbath--During the Prophets
Part 4: Sabbath--From Jesus to Our Time 

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