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Here are a couple media files that will tell you more about the "Faith for the Future" expansion project:

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Got questions?  Maybe this Q&A can help:

The purpose in this Expansion Project is to share the blessing that Piedmont Park is to all of us with others. This expansion will allow us to more effectively minister in our community and to our church families. We believe this project will help us to better fulfill the Vision and Mission Statements of the Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The church in Business Session voted on October 8, 2012, to move forward with a Building Expansion Plan and to hold a Capital Fundraising Campaign to raise commitments for the Building Expansion Plan. 
What is our current membership?
2010 - 555      2011 - 569      2012 - 588
What is our current average attendance?
2010 - 297      2011 - 322       2012 - 358
How many people can sit in our sanctuary with balcony?
Max. 100% Capacity - 550      80% - 440      66% - 363
Will our Expansion Plan add seating to our Sanctuary?
No. The city has told us if we add any seats to our sanctuary, we will have to add more parking spaces.  We currently do not have a way to add more parking.
How much would it cost to renovate our Sanctuary?
To replace carpet, pews, platform, lighting, sound and windows would cost anywhere from $175,000-$300,000.  The Building Committee and Board saw the Sanctuary as a future project.  The Sanctuary is still functional at this time. We are still able to worship in our Sanctuary, so the Building Committee felt the other issues of space were more urgent at this time.
Where do people currently park when they come?
Beyond our main parking lot, we also own the parking lot across 48th Street at the Montessori School. We also are able to park in the Bryan Hospital parking lot across Cotner Street. 
How does our church family compare to other churches in the Conference?
Piedmont Park is currently the 3rd largest church based on tithe and membership.
What are our giving patterns?  (Figures from the Conference)
Tithe     2010 - $611,809       2011 - $711,697      2012 - $337,898 (thru July)
Where do our Adult Sabbath School classes meet?
2 classes meet in the Sanctuary, 1 in the Balcony, 2 meet in the Fellowship Hall
1 meets in the Sacristy, 1 meets in the Choir Room, 1 meets in Pastor Andy’s office
1 meets across 48th Street at the Montessori School (we rent this space each week)

Where is Pastor Andy’s office?
It is currently located in the Junior Sabbath School Room
Why do we need a Conference Room?
This room will allow us let the Youth Room be focused on youth ministries instead of being used for meetings.   The Conference Room can also be used as a space for an adult Sabbath School class to meet.
What will the Large Multi-Purpose Room be used for?
This room will have dividers so that it can be used for 2 Sabbath School rooms on Sabbath morning as well as for seminars, evangelism meetings, health meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, receptions and other ministry ideas.  It can also be used as overflow seating during church services and concerts.
Are there any sections of our Building that need repairs?
Yes. The windows on the Children’s Education Wing need replacing.
The main HVAC unit also needs replacing.
If we are running out of space, should we look into building a new church?
The cost of building a new church of about 30,000 sq ft would be about $5 million.
Purchasing land could run about $1 million.
Our current building is appraised at $1.5 million.
The Building Committee felt building new was too expensive at this time.
How will we grow if we cannot add seats to the Sanctuary?
The Multi-Purpose Room can be used for overflow seating.
We can eventually move to having two services.
In time after we have two strongly attended services, we could even plant a new church.
Is the KS-NE conference supportive of this Expansion Project?
Yes. The Executive Committee has reviewed our plan and is very excited about this plan and supportive of our efforts. Tom Lemon (MAU President) also endorsed our plan.
Does the church have any loans currently?
No. Our Roof Project for the Education Wing is completely paid off. Praise the Lord!
Is the Church Board committed to this project?
Every board member who has responded and said they plan to make a commitment.
How long will construction take?
About 6 - 9 months.  Worship services and ministries can still take place during construction.
When would construction begin?
Possibly in the fall of 2013 if we receive enough commitments from church members.
Can we do this Expansion Project?
Matthew 19:26 If it is God’s will, nothing is impossible.

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