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“Whoever looks intently into the perfect law … and continues in it — not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it — they will be blessed in what they do” (James 1:25 NIV).
Memorizing scripture is a great way to help yourself in your daily walk with God. When the scripture is in your mind already it is easy for the Holy Spirit to help you bring the Godly wisdom living in a memorized Bible verse to you mind
quickly and at a time of need.
Some people say they cannot memorize. Yet we know that we learn what is necessary or important to us. We learn to cook without a recipe, we learn to change the oil in our car without a manual, we remember our children's names,
we remember our friends and family's birthdays and send cards, we do our best to learn and remember who is related to who. So it is easy to see that with some effort and prayer we can also remember scripture and the location of a scripture in the Bible. 
Some time tested tips for memorization:
Prayer first before beginning the memorization process
Children's books sometimes have scripture set to music
Place a scripture on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator where you see it often
Saying a scripture out loud every day for an extended period of time helps
Sharing a scripture you are trying to memorize with others 
Finding God's intent for that scripture
Writing the scripture over and over
Praising God for every little progress made
Taking you time...its not a race
Taking God with you wherever you go with scripture already in your head and heart is like having the Bible with you minute by minute.
Happy Memorizing:)
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